Monday, October 18, 2004

As the cold sets in...

mood: bah.. sick... *sob*

i hate winter.. winter means you catch COLDS! grumble... this better not last for long..

anyways! so what's new... well! found out some interesting things.. like my cell phone.. not only has an alarm clock.. but with this feature.. it has a snooze button!!! i love it... better than my actual alarm clock too! .. 5 minutes instead of 9 minutes.. much more pratical..

hmm what else.. oh yes... scary.. Saturday I opened the shop for the first time in like... 6 weeks.. and what was going on at the mall... the Degrassi Next Generation kids were there.... at first I thought it wasn't that bad.. but then.. as the mall began to open.. holy crap, the groupies poured in... it was crazy...
*sigh* they were so creepy...

hmm... HAPPY BIRTHDAY JANELLE!!! of course i have to add this in here.. its her 18th birthday.. hurrah!!

speaking of which... 1 month and 10days to go... *sigh* its not gonna come soon enough..

well, i found out im doing quite alright in Anthropology.. finally found out where my quiz marks were hidden... managing an A in that course.... so hurrah for that.. although more tests are comming up... ugh.. plus gotta do this essay on Pandora for Greek and Roman Lit... only 800 words so i shouldn't be complaining.. plus.. its not that hard... other faculties have it much worse *cough* engineering *cough* =< =<>

hmm thats all..

hate this place
Can you feel it
I didn't mean it
Can I see you
What are we doing
I think I love you
But I ain't saying nothing you don't know
Hold on dream away
You're my sweet charade

song: hate this place: goo goo dolls
full lyrics:

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

damn.. managed to slack off again

mood: good good, tired.... but good.

damnit, so much for keeping this updated... bah.. i try..

So whats new??? ummm school sucks? but thats not new, infact thats very old news.. i think i've been saying that since kindergarden.. [ i mean with my history its true.. i went for one day.. then came home and asked my mom to write me a sick note for the rest of the week.. i knew right from the start school was a baaddd thing... ] well besides that i've written two tests so far.. my first anthropology, and psychology 'midterms'.... Anthropology was easssyyyyy.... i think i did really well... now it would help if i got the damn thing back...
Psych on the other hand... is.. well... a bitch.. omg i just about died..
and managed to pull off a B-.... not good enough ppl! and every one said Psych is easy..... my ass it is.. *rolls eyes*

alright, enough about school
. ah yes... Happy Birthday Josh.. xxx! [well you know.. happy birthday on Oct.8th.. i already said happy b-day.. i think i just have to announce it on here...] awwwww lucky him.. 18.. bah.. i got 1 month 15 days to go! hurrah

heyyyy got to see shaun of the dead.... lmao.. its great.. i love brits... they're expressions are the best.... yeah it was pretty awesome.. definatly recommend it.. next two movies that i'm seeing are gonna end up being Shark Tale.. [yay! like Nemo!] and that puppet one.. Team America? i dunno what its called but it looks really good..

hey for the first time i've had a pic done with that sketch express thing you see at like movie theaters and stuff.. it was so much fun.. and it was at 12:45am this morning... hehe, right after the movie.. so happy 2 months, my crazy engineer.. =)
xxxx lol

anyways, thats enough of an update for now I believe.. i have more stuff to say.. but i'll save it for when im a bit more coherrent =)
good night!

Monday, September 20, 2004

random words

mood: pas mal

haha, using my 'fancy' french.. its pathetic.

alrighty, so 5 days have passed without an update.. what to talk about..

lifes not too bad, i absolutely adore my classes especially Psychology and Greek & Roman Lit Studies.. its soooo interesting.. on the other hand, im starting to dislike English [egads!].. yeah thats a total first.. ah well.. it just means i actually have to work hard to get some good grades.. *sigh* no more slacking for me...

So, Friday I went on the c-train... we all know this is nothing unusal...
and of course.. you have drunks get on the c-train from time to time. This is what happened on Friday.. I dunno.. when that happens I try to zone out as much as possible.. cuz you don't wanna start laughing.. [cuz thats a very very bad thing] it was bizarre.. i think for the whole time we were on the c-train i wanted to cry, laugh or be pissed off... its a very weird combination of emotions.. but nearing Dalhousie.. he started off on how he lost one of his batteries to put in his walkman.. so he was swearing because he couldn't listen to his music.. aw man, i felt so bad for him... so i dug out my spare batteries and gave it to him when we were about to get off the ctrain. awwww, he was so cute, he was all like, thanks little girl.. and then as we stepped off he pointed upwards and said all the power to you...
*sigh* its only after when you hit rock bottom do you appreciate the little things in life, like batteries...
ah well.. it made my night... he was so happy to get an extra battery.. it definately worth it.

oh Foamy.. my Lord and Master.. hahaha I only go into this song and dance when a new one comes out.. newest one is called Tech-Support.. omg, its hillarious just cuz its so damn true. but yeah, to watch it is sooo worth it!

anyhow! I got to watch Moulin Rouge with Tara on Saturday night..
that was such a weird movie.. lol worth it in the end.. but soooo weird.

yeah thats 'bout all..
found a couple cute things on nexopia.
i'll put them up..

awwwww.. its so cute!